DMAC and HB1416

In DMAC, utilize the State Assessment application to identify students who are in need of supplemental instruction (based on their previous two year STAAR scores).

To generate a list, open State Assessment > STAAR > Instructional Reports and follow the steps below.

  • Move to the Student tab and select your Campus, Subject, Curriculum and Test.
  • Select All Students.
  • Check the Student Performance Trend report and generate.
  • STAAR trend reports include three years of data. To view both the current and previous year, export your report as a .CSV file.
  • Filter the columns to determine which students did not meet Approaches for two consecutive years (Column headers: apprYr3 and apprYr2).

Create Custom Student Groups

Use the Student Performance Trend report, listed above, to format and import a custom student group into DMAC > How to Create Custom Student Groups

With custom groups, filter for students in Student Portfolio or generate reports in State Assessment or TEKScore.

Please contact the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777 or if you have any questions!

Information from TEA:

HB 1416 requires TEA to define requirements for students requiring 30 hours of supplemental instruction through the rulemaking process. TEA will propose rules that will provide that students who fall into the “Low Does Not Meet” category of STAAR performance receive no less than 30 hours of supplemental instruction. The rules will also provide that students in third grade who do not approach grade level or higher will be required to receive 30 hours of supplemental instruction. 

House Bill 1416 updated accelerated instruction requirements from House Bill 4545 by: 

  • Removing the requirement for Accelerated Learning Committees while requiring Accelerated Education Plan after student fails to achieve approaches or higher on two consecutive assessments in the same subject area 
  • Limiting tutoring to 2 subjects and no longer including optional assessment administration  
  • Increasing student to tutor ratio from 3:1 to 4:1 ratio for tutoring group size  
  • Clarifying that students who take STAAR-Alt 2, are retained, or take substitute high school assessments aren’t subject to requirements 
  • Reducing minimum hour requirement from 30 to 15 for some students 
  • Adding Local Education Agencies (LEAs) receiving compensatory education funding as a criteria for included LEAs (previously LEAs receiving funding from Strong Foundations Grant Program, CRRSAA or ARP) 
  • Providing student to teacher ratio waivers for use of approved online curriculum (approvals available spring 2024) 
  • Clarifying that parents may modify or remove supplemental instruction requirements with a letter to campus administrator 
  • Clarifying that parents must be notified of student failure to perform on applicable tests 
  • Requiring TEA to monitor implementation of accelerated instruction 

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