Important Information Impacting State Data Files in DMAC

The Student Registration data file collected by Cambium Assessment (used to report state assessment results) will no longer require students’ PEIMS ID. This field is optional but we strongly encourage schools to include it to maintain the same reporting capabilities in DMAC.

LPAC: Classroom Accommodations

Classroom Accommodations in LPAC have been updated. From the Accommodations page, when starting a new monitoring period, and with the cumulative folder, old accommodations will appear in red if they are being used.

FormWorks Templates

The Template and Settings screens of FormWorks have been updated to make the process of creating and managing forms easier.

New Requirements for Class Roster

Effective Oct 1, 2021, all schools are required to send Students’ Unique TSDS ID numbers within the Class Roster data files. If a student’s TSDS number is not included, they will not be imported into DMAC.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) and TAG

TAG assessment items include Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities. When the support is enabled, students can use the TTS icon during an online test to listen to […]

Custom Student Groups in DMAC

Create custom student groups in DMAC’s Student Portfolio and Utilities applications.  Student groups allow Users to view and manage students with similar data and demographics. […]

Individual Online Testing Supports

Educators have the ability to assign individual Online Testing Supports for students through DMAC’s Student Portfolio application. When assigned, this provides students access to features such as Text-to-Speech and a Calculator while they are taking online tests.