Updates in TEKScore

In order to help schools analyze the new interactive items types, we have updated the Test Key and Report sections of TEKScore.  Test Keys Click […]

TEKScore and OnDataSuite

From the TEKScore application in DMAC, users can export local data for OnDataSuite. To export student test results from DMAC, select Search from the top […]

Scheduled Maintenance

Please note: DMAC will be down for regularly scheduled maintenance to our servers starting late this Friday evening (July 15). All users will see a […]

Item Types in TAG

Utilize the TAG application in DMAC to create assessment items using the new item types as part of the STAAR 2.0 initiative for online testing.

Data Extracts in DMAC

There are several ways that you can export assessment data from DMAC. Utilize the Search features in both State Assessment and TEKScore to create customized queries–or, open the Data Export application to aggregate student data (including state, local and national assessments).

Exports: Renaissance Data

From the Exports application in DMAC, users can download a .csv file of their Renaissance solutions literacy growth data.  DMAC Exports Exports  Select Campus, Grade […]


From the TEKScore application in DMAC, users can import test keys, collect assessment results and export data related to the Crimsi (COVID Recovery Instructional Materials […]

New Data Types!

The tabs within the Student Portfolio > Data section are growing! Not only do we have state and local data, but national sources such as […]

Text-to-Speech Settings

Online assessment items include Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities. A new feature (now available to schools upon request) improves performance and allows students to customize their TTS […]