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TEKScore Overview

TEKScore is a web-based tool for scoring and analyzing local TEKS-based assessments.  

Powerful Reports.  Local assessments are key to student growth.  Teachers and Administrators can generate reports in real-time for the district, campus, class, teacher or student. Easily monitor trends and assess individual student achievement through quintiles, heat maps, tutorial groups and more.

Three Ways to Collect Data

  1. Online Testing РStudents enter their answers online.  Administrators and Teachers have instant access to reports as soon as students click submit.
  2. Plain Paper Answer Documents – Print your own answer documents.  Benefits include having griddables in the exact spot (not on the back) and an easy way to give short CBAs or quizzes by quickly collecting data.
  3. Manual Entry – Manual entry is a fast and efficient way to grade assignments and collect assessment data (especially for younger grades K-2).  Teachers can manually enter answers for entire class within minutes.

Additional Features

  • Quickly copy TEKS Resource System, TAG, and TEA released test keys tied to STAAR standards to create custom local assessments
  • Access to historical documents
  • Pre-code answer documents to save time and ensure accuracy of results
  • Immediate feedback to drive instructional decisions