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TAG (Test Item Bank)

TAG Overview

TAG is a web-based program that allows educators to create assessments in order to monitor student progress. Creating local assessments gives administrators and teachers the ability to monitor student progress and to make data-driven instructional decisions based on specific strengths and weaknesses.

Primary Features

  • Easily modify tests.¬†Schools utilizing the web-based platform of TAG are provided with complete control over the selection, placement and editing of all assessment items. ¬†Administrators and Teachers have the ability to modify any item description or answer choice to fit the specific instructional needs of their students.
  • Create customized local assessments tied to the appropriate Student Expectations by grade level along with the Supporting/Readiness Standards and Process Skills¬†
  • Filter assessment items by Depth of Knowledge, genre, readability level, reporting
    category, keyword and more
  • Print crisp, clear graphics and test items
  • Insert locally developed test items and graphics

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