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SSI – Student Success Initiative


SSI is a complete web-based tool that will assist districts and campuses with creating and managing the various reports required by the Student Success Initiative and the Grade Placement Committee manual. All documents and forms from grades 5-8 can be managed in the DMAC software. When districts/campuses utilize the DMAC software there is a seamless trail for all documents. All of the data is stored historically.

Primary Features

  • Create settings for all plans for the district
  • Search for students for an entire grade or customize searches through options available
  • Forms can be created for an entire grade, select group of students, or an individual student
  • Batch operations feature – allows users to complete multiple tasks with a few clicks
  • All forms (required & optional) can be created in the software
  • Data is imported from Class Roster for each student to assist in completion of the forms
  • A history is generated creating a documented audit trail
  • Forms are available in both English and Spanish

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