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Create and organize LPAC documentation for individual students and committee meetings. Designed by Texas educators, the web-based software makes the process of completing and organizing forms related to the LPAC framework more efficient.

Streamline data entry. LPAC forms automatically populate student information from other areas in DMAC such as class roster data files and State Assessment data. Additional documentation builds on previous entries. The more information you have in DMAC, the easier the forms become to complete.

Cumulative Folders

  • LPAC Status
  • Accommodations (Classroom & Testing)
  • LPAC Forms
  • Upload Files (.pdf)
  • Timeline
  • Integrates with Student Portfolio


  • Add Committee Members
  • Add Students
  • Print Rosters
  • Print Meeting Minutes
  • Everything is digital! Complete meeting paperwork and access student cumulative folders online


  • View Students by Campus and Grade
  • Click totals to view individual names