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The lead4ward application in DMAC allows users to generate reports to populate the data tools showcased during the lead4ward trainings statewide. The look and feel of the application mirrors that of the State Assessment and TEKScore pieces of DMAC. Additionally, the lead4ward module allows DMAC users to aggregate both state and local data to help monitor student performance and growth. The formatting and functionality reflects the specific direction provided by lead4ward to coincide with their recommendations.

Custom Data Tools can be generated at District and Campus levels and includes the following reports. Options include the ability to customize up to three distinct checkpoints.

  • Leadership Report Card
  • Student Learning Report
  • by Standard type
  • Source Data
  • Threshold Analysis Report

Quintile Reports can also be generated at the Campus, Teacher and Class levels. Options include the ability to highlight certain demographic groups, show the local ID and growth.

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