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Student Portfolio (eLearning)

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About Student Portfolio

Student Portfolio appears in the black bar at the top of the screen after entering the following applications:

  • Student Portfolio
  • Learning Plans 
  • PGP High School & PGP Intervention

Student Search is the default landing page.

  • Click Search/Students on the top navigation bar to return to the search screen.
  • Select Settings from the top menu to establish default print settings (District logins only).

Student Portfolio is offered at no additional charge for schools who purchase applications with student data.

Collect individual student data
Access local and state data
Add documentation
with Notes, Files or Forms (integrated with FormWorks®).
  • Select Portfolio tab to search within Student Portfolio. Choosing Plans, PGP-I or PGP-HS will bring you to the search screens for each application.
  • Click Show Groups to view or manage custom groups.
  • Use filters on the left to locate students (i.e., Campus, Grade, Plan Year and/or Local ID – or search for students by their First or Last Name (including partial names).
  • Click Search. Student names appear on the right.
  • Click Reset to remove selections. 
  • The total number of students in a search displays on the bottom left and at the top of the Students column (up to 250 students appear on each page).
  • Use navigation on the bottom left to navigate through students or the Sort By section on the top right to change the order.
  • The check icon will indicate if a student has Testing Supports or plans (Learning Plans, PGP-I and PGP-HS). Click the icon to go directly to those pages. 

Teachers can only see students attached to them via the Class Roster data file (imported from your student management system).

(DMACulous) Purple Filter

  • Select the Filter icon to narrow the list of students by Demographics, Teachers, Test results, PGP-I, PGP-HS, Learning Plans or Supports. Each tab has different filters.
  • Click Match Type to switch from AND to OR
  • Click Apply to save selections or Clear to remove them.
  • Number of active filters appears in purple on the bottom left of the Student Search page.
  • Click the Filters button or the icon on the top right to view selections or make changes.

Student Groups

  • Create custom student groups by selecting names from the Student Search. 
  • Utilize the Filter icon and the Select All box or individually select student names.
  • A green Create Group link appears after selecting more than one student. 
  • Click the link to create a new group. This will open a new tab in Utilities.
  • Name the group and click Save. Close the tab to return to Portfolio.
  • Access saved groups from Student Search by clicking the Show Groups toggle. 
  • Refresh your browser to see new groups in the list.

Batch Operations

  • Check individual student names or Select all from the top of Student Search
  • Select Batch icon with more than one student selected to:
    • Add Note
    • Add Supports
    • Remove Supports  
  • Click Execute to save changes to student’s profiles.


  • Click Print to print one or more Student Portfolios.
  • Select Range from drop-down.
  • Check desired sections/options and click Print.
  • To only print a listing with student names from the search results, check grid only.
    • Print list as a .pdf or export as .csv. 
  • Check supports only for a .csv of selected student supports. 

Individual Student Portfolios

  • To view a student’s individual portfolio, click on the preview icon to the far right of the name on the Student Search page.
  • The student’s name appears at the top of the screen with gender, date of birth, age and locl ID.
  • Tabs along the left for Charts, Student Info, Data, Plans, Supports, Notes, Files, Forms and Audit
  • Clicking icons (top right) of a student’s portfolio opens a pop-up window.
    • Students – Select another student without leaving the individual portfolio view (from most recent search).
    • Student Info – Student demographic information and class schedule.
    • Data – Available assessment data including: National (MAP); State (STAAR/TELPAS); Local (TEKScore); Reading (TPRI/Tejas LEE) Plans Student plans (Learning Plans, PGP-HS, PGP Intervention and SSI).
    • Print -Print comprehensive summaries of students’ historical data. Select items to print and choose to either print for all students, a selected group of students or one student at a time
  • The tabs along the left of an individual Student Portfolio allow you to view or add documentation to a student’s record. Charts is the default tab when entering a student’s record.


  • Displays performance on state (STAAR) and local (TEKScore) assessments.
  • Select check-boxes for Subjects or to Show Lines.
  • Select which years are shown with the slider. 
  • Hover over plot points to see percentage and scale scores for individual tests.
  • Use the Print Chart icon to print a copy of what appears on the screen.

Student Information

  • Demographics and schedule (current year).
  • NOTE: This information comes from the Class Roster data file submitted to DMAC and may be updated manually in Utilities.


  • Access state, local and national data (if uploaded in DMAC). This includes: STAAR, TELPAS, Local (TEKScore), TPRI/Tejas LEE, MAP, PSAT or SAT/ACT, mCLASS, IDEL, TSIA2, CLITXKEA and CLICIRCLE data.
  • Select tabs to see assessment information.
  • Click column headers to sort.
  • To view additional information and the test document, click the magnifying glass icon to the far right of each assessment. 
  • From the student document, click Print to save one or more tests or print History or EOC Cumulative Details.
  • Learn more about the different national data types DMAC accepts here >> Data Export


  • View historical plans or select tabs for individual applications.
  • Learning Plans (ALP/MTSS-RtI), PGP-Intervention and PGP-High School are separate student plan applications sold by DMAC. Access depends on user role and what your school purchases.
  • Click column headers to sort. 
  • Open a plan by clicking the magnifying glass icon.


  • Assign individual testing supports (Basic Calculator, Text-To-Speech and Content and Language Supports).
  • Supports used in conjunction with DMAC Online Testing and TEKScore only. 
  • Add supports for more than one student at a time using the Batch operations from Student Search page. 
  • Check box to assign a support by subject. IMPORTANT: Supports must match the assigned subject/content for the TEKScore test.
  • Click Save or Refresh .


  • Select the Notes section to enter plain text information saved to a student’s record.  Filter and view notes, listed in reverse chronological order, by using the drop-down menu.
  • Click the green plus icon to add a note.
  • Choose the desired location (e.g., Portfolio, Learning Plans or PGP) from the drop-down menu.
  • Notes recorded to a specific plan(s) become ‘Read Only’ after the school year ends. 
  • Check the Print? box to include the note on printed documentation for that student; Click Save. 
  • Use icons to Print/Edit/Delete individual notes
  • Check an empty paper icon to include a note on printed documentation. Any notes with a green check mark appear when printed.

NOTE: You may only Edit/Delete notes you authored unless you have a Campus or District Admin user role in DMAC.


  • Select the Files section to upload .pdf files to attach to a student’s plan.
  • Click the paper clip icon to upload a new file. Choose the desired location to save a file from the drop-down menu (top left); Locate the file and click Save. 
  • Sort files by location or year with the drop-downs at the top or use the Sort By drop-down to sort by Date, User, Type, Name or Printable files.
  • Click the paper icons next to individual files or use the top icons to select which files will appear when printed. Anything with a green checkmark will appear on printed documentation for a student.
  • The Print/Edit/Delete icons function the same as with Notes.

Forms (FormWorks)

  • The Forms section is integrated with the FormWorks® software (purchased separately).
  • Select Forms to complete and attach custom online forms for individual students (these can be standalone or running records).  
  • For a form to appear, the template must be attached to Portfolio when created in FormWorks.
  • Click the green Add New icon to complete a form. From the top drop-downs, choose the desired location and select a Template. Check the Print? box to include the form on printed documentation.
  • After selecting a template, complete the required fields; Click Save or Save and Close.
  • For Approvals, click the action button on the top of a form to send an email notifying a DMAC user that an approval is needed. 
  • Sort completed forms by location or year with the drop-downs or use the Sort By filter to sort by date, user, type, name or if it’s printable.
  • Click the paper icons next to individual files or use the top icons to select which forms will appear when printed. Anything with a green checkmark will appear on printed documentation for a student.
  • The Print/Edit/Delete icons function the same as with Notes.


  • View all activity on a student’s record.
  • Sort by All, Portfolio, PGP-I, PGP-HS, Learning Plans or SSI with drop-down filter.
  • Click column headers to sort.
  • View all areas or Attachments, Forms and Supports separately.
  • The Audit section is read-only
  • Users cannot add or remove information on this screen.

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