Important Information Impacting State Data Files in DMAC

The information contained in this article is critical for all schools who utilize DMAC to look at state data such as STAAR assessments, TELPAS, BOY and Interim Assessments (impacting applications such as State Assessment, lead4ward, Student Portfolio and Data Export).

The Student Registration data file collected by Cambium Assessment (used to report state assessment results) will no longer require students’ PEIMS ID. This field is optional but we strongly encourage schools to include it to maintain the same reporting capabilities in DMAC.


In order to generate reports on any new state data uploaded into DMAC, schools must do one of the following:

  1. Include the PEIMS ID as an optional field within the TIDE student registration system
  2. Submit a supplemental data file to DMAC – This data file, extracted from the school’s Student Information System, will be imported into DMAC to provide the missing PEIMS ID from the state data file. If you are not able to include the PEIMS ID in the step outlined above, contact the DMAC Help Desk for assistance at 1.866.988.6777.


Any new state data records imported into DMAC without the PEIMS ID will not be available in most State Assessment reports and searches, lead4ward reports and Student Portfolio plans and documentation.

A Student’s PEIMS ID is required in DMAC to connect uploaded state data to:

  • Class Roster data
  • Local Assessment data
  • Historical state data
  • Student plans and documentation

Although we are transitioning to the use of the student’s TSDS number as a unique ID, all historical data in DMAC is tied to the student’s PEIMS ID. 

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