Individual Online Testing Supports

Text-to-Speech and Calculator Features

Educators have the ability to assign individual Online Testing Supports for students through DMAC’s Student Portfolio application. When assigned, this provides students access to features such as Text-to-Speech and a Calculator while they are taking online tests.

Please Note: Supports can be enabled for individual students or groups of students by using the Batch feature. This step must be completed in Student Portfolio prior to a student signing in to take a test online. 

The online testing support for Text-to-Speech is not located in the Test Support section of the Online tab in the Test Key (seen below in TEKScore), this feature is only available in Student Portfolio (given that it may apply to individuals and not entire classes or grades).

Open Student Portfolio and use the filters on the left to narrow down your list of students.

To enable online testing supports for more than one student at a time, place a check mark next to the desired students (to the left of their names) or check the Select All box on the top of the column and click the Batch icon. 

To enable a support for an individual student, click on the Supports icon next to their name from the Student Portfolio Search screen. This will open the student’s individual portfolio on the Supports tab.

Check the supports you want to enable by subject and click the save button. 

From the Student Search screen in Student Portfolio, students with active supports will have a green check icon in the Supports column. Hover over the icon to see the number of supports assigned.

Once enabled, a student will see the online testing supports while taking tests.  The example below shows the Speak icon on an ELAR test. Students can click on the icon to open the controls, which allow them to start and stop audio to read the text on the screen.

Please contact the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777 or if you have any questions.