New Data Types!

The tabs within the Student Portfolio > Data section are growing! Not only do we have state and local data, but national sources such as MAP, SAT, ACT, mCLASS and IDEL are available.

Please note: Your school must upload the data files into the secure area of the Utilities application for them to appear in DMAC.  

mCLASS File Requirements

  • From Amplify, schools should export the DIBELS 8th Edition Benchmark file(s).
  • Please note, DMAC is not importing Progress Monitoring or mClass Intervention files. The DIBELS 8th Edition Benchmark file contains the Composite Score information. 
  • Once uploaded into DMAC, a student’s information is accessible from the data > mCLASS tab of Student Portfolio.

Please call the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777 or email with any questions about how to format data files or upload information.