Updates in TEKScore

In order to help schools analyze the new interactive items types, we have updated the Test Key and Report sections of TEKScore. 

Test Keys

Click the Print icon from the Test Keys page to view:

  • Item types tested (e.g., Hot Spot, Inline Choice, Short Text, etc.)
  • Correct Answers
  • Number of points per item 
  • Weight and Standards of each question

Instructional Reports

From the Instructional Reports section, use the Item Comparison and the Item Mastery to analyze results of assessments that include interactive item types. 

Item Comparison

The Item Comparison is available from the Teacher tab (displaying individual student data)! This report has always been there for the district and campus levels; however, Teachers can now generate the report for their classes.  The Item Comparison breaks down results to questions with more than one response. These are labeled with a number and a decimal point.

In the example below, question 1 displays two columns for each possible response (1.1 and 1.2). The ‘X’ marks each student’s response to a question. If they did not respond, the “?” column will be marked. Shaded columns indicate the correct response to each question.

Item Mastery

The Item Mastery report was created for questions worth more than one point. From the Scoring tab of a Test Key, you can set the Mastery for each question.  

In the example below, #1 is scored as a  0, 1 or 2 with 1 set as the mastery level for that question.

Student Document

If a student’s name is underlined on a report, clicking it opens the Student Document for an assessment. From the Responses section, view a student’s answers to each question, including the correct answer, their responses and how many points were awarded for each one.

Depending on the user role in DMAC, you can also use the buttons on the Student Document to:

  • View additional tests
  • Replace a Test
  • Update Demographics
  • Replace a Class
  • Edit Responses


We are here to help!

Please contact the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777 or support@dmac-solutions.net if you have any questions.