T-TESS & TIA Options


District Administrators can utilize T-TESS to customize TIA options for Domains 2 and 3.

From the District/Campus Settings, select the TIA Options tab.

Please note: The DMAC Helpdesk (1.866.988.6777 or support@dmac-solutions.net) can help customize appraisals settings for your school.

Use the drop-downs to select the following:

Appraisal Data

  • Final/Summative
  • Counted Walkthoughs/Observations
  • Manual Entry


  • Average
  • 50/50

Teacher Groups

Build eligible teaching groups and designation criteria in alignment with the districts approved system application.

  • Name group
  • Select Teacher Observation Rubric
    • TTESS
    • NIET
    • Marzano
    • Danielson
    • District Created
    • Other
  • Enter Weight
  • Select Assessment(s) used for Student Growth
    • STAAR
    • NWEA Map
    • Renaissance STAR
    • Iowa Assessment
    • District Created
  • Enter Other Assessments Used
  • Select Additional System Components Measure(s) (optional)
    • Parent Survey
    • Student Survey
    • Teacher Mentor
    • Teacher Leadership
    • Other Measures
  • Enter Weight
  • Enter Other Additional Measures
  • Click Save to add teachers (data must be complete and weights need to total 100)
  • Click the Green Plus Icon

Search for Teachers by Last Name, First Name, Campus, Grade, or Subject

  • Search for Teachers by Campus, Grade, or Subject based on what the appraiser selects on appraisals. If there are no appraisals in the system for the teacher, the only way to search is by first and last name.
  • Click Add
  • Click the blue back arrow to return to the TIA Options page

TIA Button

The TIA calculation has moved from the Final/Summative to the Teacher Dashboard. Click on the button located near the top of the page to complete the form for a teacher.

Please note: Student growth can be recorded on the Final/Summative or on the TIA Form.

**video has no sound