T-TESS & TIA Options


District Administrators can utilize T-TESS to customize TIA options for Domains 2 and 3.

From the District/Campus Settings, select the TIA Options tab.

Please note: The DMAC Helpdesk (1.866.988.6777 or support@dmac-solutions.net) can help customize appraisals settings for your school.

Use the drop-downs to select the following:

Appraisal Data

  • Final Observation
  • Counted Walkthoughs/Observations
  • Manual Entry


  • Average
  • 50/50

TIA Button

The TIA calculation has moved from the Final Observation to the Teacher Dashboard. Click on the button located near the top of the page to complete the form for a teacher.

Please note: Student growth can be recorded on the Final Observation or on the TIA Form.

**video has no sound

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