Online Testing with DMAC

The online testing feature is available to all DMAC schools who purchase both TAG and TEKScore.

  • To export an online test from TAG, click on the export icon from the Test > Search page (seen below).
  • Select the option to “Copy key and content” and check the box to review and approve your test.
  • Click Copy to open your test in TEKScore.
  • Once your test is in TEKScore, complete the fields required for a new Test Key and move to the online tab where you can click the Enabled button to active your online test. Here you can also change your online settings or schedule online sessions.
  • Another way to activate online tests is from the Test Keys > List page (seen below).
  • Click on the Student icon to turn on your test for online access. This will provide you with your Test ID.
  • Click the Cancel icon at anytime to deactivate your test. This can be done as many times as needed. Once created, your Test ID will remain the same for that test.
  • Test Supports can also be enabled.
    • Guidelines – Reading guide
    • Calculator – Texas Instruments model calculators (TI-108 basic, TI-30 scientific, or TI-84 graphing).
    • Highlighter – Highlight parts of a question, passage, or answer.
  • Students will need their Local ID, birthdate and Test ID to sign in and complete their test online.

User Manual > Click Here

Video Resources

Please contact the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777 or if you have any questions.