LPAC | Home Language Survey

Data File Upload

DMAC allows schools to import home language survey data into the DMAC web-based LPAC application from a student management system (i.e., Ascender and Skyward).

In LPAC > Imports

  • Click New File

File Requirements

The data file must be an ASCII text file with a comma character (ASCII 44) as the field delimiter and a carriage return (ASCII 13) and/or line feed (ASCII 10) character marking the end of each row.

Note: Convert an ASCII to an Excel worksheet using the Save As command. In the “Save as type” box, choose the CSV Comma delimited or Text (Comma delimited) file format for the worksheet.

  • Column headers are required
  • Text qualifiers are NOT supported

Each record in the data file must:

  • Contain the minimum required fields with valid values
  • Contain the same number of comma (ASCII 44) delimited fields
  • End with a carriage return (ASCII 13) and/or line feed (ASCII 10) control character
Field NameRequiredLengthFormatTSDS Element IDTSDS Code Table
TSDS Unique IDTrue10##########E1523
Birth DateTrue10yyyy-mm-dd*E0006
Campus IDTrue9#########0266
Enrollment DateFalse10yyyy-mm-dd*
Language Survey DateFalse10yyyy-mm-dd*
Student Language CodeTrue2codedE1590C092
Home Language CodeTrue2codedE0895C092
* The date format mm/dd/yyyy is also supported
  • The Enrollment Date field is the date the student was first enrolled in the district.
  • The Language Survey Date field is NOT defined in the TSDS data standards and therefore may
    not be supported in your Student Management System. However, the Language Survey Date
    is required by the state LPAC standards and should be included if possible.
  • Both Language Codes, student and home, must be two characters including leading zeros.

File Processing

  • Only new Home Language Survey records in the data file will be imported.
  • Existing survey data will not be updated or deleted.
  • Students not in DMAC’s current enrollment records will not be imported.

For information regarding the TSDS data standards please visit: https://www.texasstudentdatasystem.org/TSDS/TEDS/Texas_Education_Data_Standards/