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T-PESS (eLearning)

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About T-PESS

  • DMAC offers both T-PESS and T-TESS bundled together as our Appraisal applications. When you purchase one, you get the other for no additional cost.
  • T-PESS works on any mobile device with an internet connection. There are two primary roles. Those who are Appraisers (Superintendents or Principals) and those who are being Appraised (Principals and Assistant Principals).
  • Educators with District or Campus logins (Administrators/Managers/Users) will need to register their accounts using their TSDS Unique ID and select their T-PESS role as a Principal, Assistant Principal or District Appraiser. 
  • NOTE: If you are the DMAC District Administrator but are also a Principal or Assistant Principal, contact the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777 to set up your account.
  • It’s very IMPORTANT to note that Appraisers in DMAC have access to CONFIDENTIAL employment records at your campus or district.

District/Campus Settings

  • From the top navigation bar, District Administrators establish the District/Campus Settings identifying Appraisers and managing the list of Principals and Assistant Principals.
  • Each new school year begins on July 1. Click the button to unlock or lock the previous school years appraisals (locks back automatically after 5 days). When a school year is locked, you are no longer able to make changes to any documentation for that year.
  • From the Appraisers tab, click the New button (top right) to add Appraisers. Check next to their names and click Add Users. Use the red X icon next to a name to delete someone’s access. 
  • Select the Print icon to print out a listing of all Appraisers. Those with a Pending status must register a DMAC account with a TSDS Unique State ID, and then sign in to T-PESS to activate their accounts.
  • On the Principal or Assistant Principal sections, use the green arrow icons to transition a Principal to the Assistant Principal role or vice versa.
  • Click the red x icon to delete access or the restore icon to restore them.

Appraiser Account

  • From the Settings > Appraiser Account section, appraisers can view their registered name and email address and click the link to edit TSDS information.

Register Accounts

TSDS Registered Account

  • The first time someone accesses T-PESS, they are required to register their account with their TSDS Unique ID (a 10-digit number that your district can provide, if needed.) 
  • This action will momentarily redirect you to the Utilities application. Enter the Unique State ID, Birth Date and Gender and Click Submit
  • It’s very important that the correct information is entered. Not doing so could result in major delays. The TSDS number is a unique ID assigned to every educator in Texas. Make sure it’s entered correctly!
  • Enter an Email Address for Account Recovery purposes and click the Verify Email button. A pin will be sent to the email account and is required to continue. Enter the pin and then select a Security question and answer; click Save

Select T-PESS Role

  • Principals and Assistant Principals must activate their accounts before appraisers can begin evaluations. 
  • After signing in, select your T-PESS Role as Principal or Assistant Principal and then select the campuses you are responsible for. 
  • If selecting the role of Principal, you will have to acknowledge that you understand the role provides access to appraisal records for Assistant Principals. 
  • Teacher accounts must use the T-TESS application for teacher appraisals. T-PESS is specifically designed for Principals and Assistant Principals only. 
  • If you are the DMAC District Administrator but are also a Principal or Assistant Principal, contact the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777 to set up your account.
  • Once registered, use the Settings area on the top navigation bar to make changes to the registered TSDS information or campus list under the Educator Account section.

Self Assessment and Goal Setting

From the T-PESS landing page, Principals and Assistant Principals can click the green plus icon to complete the Self-Assessment and Goal Setting Professional Development Plan. 

Self Assessment 

  • Click the green add icon to begin, select a date and click Start Assessment
  • From the top, use the drop-down to view each of the Domains or select the numbers to manually advance through the Indicators.
  • To automatically advance through the assessment, start with Domain 1/Indicator 1 and check the appropriate areas (e.g., Developing, Proficient, Accomplished or Distinguished and enter Comments. If you are selecting Not Demonstrated/Needs, Improvement, comments are required for that section.
  • On the bottom of the page, click the blue button to Save and Continue and the software will automatically advance to the next section.
  • A green check icon appears next to the Indicator number for each Domain once saved.
  • When finished, click the Save and Exit button. Click Yes to Publish the record for the Appraiser to review or No if you need to make additional edits.

Goal Setting 

  • Click the green add icon to start a Professional Development Plan. Goals are divided into Beginning-of-Year, Mid-Year, Evidence and End-of-Year sections.
  • Select the New button to enter goals for the Beginning of the Year. Enter the Goal, Strategies and Actions, Expected Measurable Outcomes, Timeline for Achieving the Goal and the Resources Needed. Check the appropriate Standards and click Save.
  • Click the Edit icon to make changes to a goal or the red x to delete. 
  • Goals listed for the Beginning of the Year will populate on the other sections for Mid-year, Evidence and End of Year.
  • Use the Preview or Attach icons to add supporting documentation for progress and evidence throughout the year in each of the sections. When attaching Evidence, use the Select .pdf button to locate .pdf files on your device.
  • Once completed, click on the Submit Goals icon on the top right of the Professional Development Plan page. Use the Print icon to print or view a copy of the documentation and (including a spot for signatures).

Home Page

  • Utilize the Home page (top navigation bar) in T-PESS to complete documentation and view all activity tied to appraisals. 
  • Click the colored boxes on the top to: View Goals, Progress, Attained Goals and Evidence.
  • The table displays the date for each document and whether or not it has been published and reviewed by the Appraiser and Principal.
  • Use the Print, Edit and Delete icons to view or edit the documentation.


  • Appraisers will see a listing of Principals or Assistant Principals on the left of the page after signing into T-PESS. District level Appraisers can use the campus drop-down on the top left to sort the list by the entire district or individual campus.
  • Select a Principal/Assistant Principal from the left menu. All of their documentation will appear on the screen to the right.
  • Use the Print or Preview icons to view the Self Assessment or Goal Setting Documents (when completed)

Click the new icon to start:

  • Beginning-of-Year Conference 
  • Mid-year Progress Conference
  • Consolidated Assessment Rubric
  • Post-Evaluation Conference 
  • Summary Rating Form

Each of the Beginning/Mid/End of year Conferences provide areas to view and discuss goal setting and attainment. Principals and Assistant Principals will update their Goals and add Evidence, as needed, throughout the year. Once the Date is saved, both the Appraiser and Principal can digitally sign the document.

  • Beginning of Year: Appraisers click to view the Professional Goals, Self-Assessment and Set Pre-Evaluation Conference Date.  
  • Mid Year: Appraisers can review evidence and complete the Goal Progress section. Click the Edit icon next to each goal to add progress. 
  • Before the End of the Year, Appraisers complete the Consolidated Assessment Rubric. Appraisers may start a new rubric or import the principal/assistant principal’s self-assessment and click Start Assessment.
  • End of Year: Appraisers document goal attainment and discuss future goals.
  • The Summary Rating Form calculates the ratings based on the Consolidated Assessment Rubric.


  • Appraisers can view reports by selecting Reports on the top navigation bar. 
  • Select the School Year or individual campuses by clicking on Campus drop-down menu. 
  • Click on the Development Plan Summary report or Batch Print. Each can be generated by selected Appraisers and Educators (check next to their names)
  • After selecting your options, click on the Print icon on the top right.