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Training Documents

We have collected the resources below to help implement and train DMAC.

  • Training Roadmaps: Outlines that guide you on how to train the software. They include links to slides and notes pages along with interactive knowledge checks to make sure your participants are understanding the content.
  • Notes: Participants can follow the training and take notes on these pages. They coincide with how each roadmap is organized.
  • User Manuals: Step-by-step user guide for DMAC applications. These include screenshots and more details on how to use the software.
  • Click-n-Go Cards: Quick reference sheets with important reminders and icons in the software.
  • Virtual Training Courses: These recorded videos also align with the training roadmaps. You can show each chapter as part of a live training or you can have participants complete the courses on their own time.

Please give us a call at 1.866.988.6777 or email support@dmac-solutions.net if you have any questions.

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