lead4ward | Source Data Report

A Source Data report is available in our ever-growing list of custom data tools in lead4ward.  This report allows users to view the number of items tested by Student Expectations (SEs).  Additionally, it displays a compilation of related student expectations. Follow the steps below to create the report located in the Data Tools menu on the top navigation bar of the lead4ward application.

lead4ward Data Tools: Source Data

  • Select your report scope (District or Campus tab)
  • Select Subject and Grade
  • Define Checkpoints; click save icon for each
  • Check Source Data report
  • Click generate

Source Data

Source Data


lead4ward in DMAC

The lead4ward application in DMAC allows users to generate reports to populate the data tools showcased during the lead4ward trainings statewide. The look and feel of the application mirrors that of the State Assessment and TEKScore pieces of DMAC. Additionally, the lead4ward module allows DMAC users to aggregate both state and local data to help monitor student performance and growth. The formatting and functionality reflects the specific direction provided by lead4ward to coincide with their recommendations.

About DMAC

DMAC Solutions® offers integrated cloud based software to help K-12 schools in Texas improve the quality of education provided to students. Each year, districts and charters select from a suite of online applications offered by DMAC to assist with state and local data analysis, creating and administering local assessments, progress monitoring, student plans, appraisals, curriculum planning, campus and district improvement plans and more. Teachers and Administrators use DMAC to save time with testing, analyzing and planning so that more attention can be dedicated to differentiated instruction based on individual student needs.

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