FormWorks Templates

Updated 9/20/21

The Template and Settings screens of FormWorks have been updated to make the process of creating and managing forms easier. (Click here for the full User Manual for FormWorks)

The Template section allows approved Authors to create custom online form templates. From the top navigation bar, click Templates. Use the search criteria on the left to narrow down the list or type a partial name at the top to locate existing templates.

  • Click on the toggle to Publish or Unpublish Templates.
  • Note: Edits can only be made to Templates that are not published. Once published, a template will say Read-only at the top.
  • As soon as someone completes a form, you can no longer make changes to a Template; however, you can unpublish an active form and then make a copy of any template that needs adjustment.
  • The number of completed forms will appear next to the Published status on the Templates search screen.


From the Settings section on the top navigation bar, administrative logins in DMAC can add Authors who have the ability to create Templates in FormWorks.

  • To add a new Author, click the Add New icon on the top right.
  • Click the Active check box to see only Authors who have published forms.
  • The number of published templates will appear in a blue square next to the Author’s name.
  • To reassign edit rights to a new Author, click on the blue square. You can select the name of one or more forms and then click the Reassign Selected button.

Custom Forms for Student Documentation

Utilize the FormWorks application to create customized forms or notification letters to parents. If you link forms to Student Portfolio or Learning Plans, data can be attached to individual students and tracked over time.

To save time, we have included a few common templates provided by TEA that can be tailored to your school’s individual needs.

  • Open FormWorks > Templates and click the ADD NEW icon on the top right. 
  • Click on Select a common template.
  • Select the Common button (sample templates related to HB4545).
  • Select a form from the left menu and then click Start Copy (top right).
  • Rename your template and select Portfolio or Learning Plans under the Type drop-down if you want to attache forms to individual student records in Student Portfolio. Click Save.

From this point, you can make changes to the form to fit your needs. Click the Settings icon next to each field to make changes or drag and drop new fields over from the left.

  • Once you have finalized your form, click the Publish button.
  • Note: Once published, all forms become Read-only. You can only make changes to a form if: 1) It’s unpublished; and, 2) another user has not completed the form. If needed, you can make a copy of a form that already has submissions. 

To access your forms in Student Portfolio, open an individual student record and click the New icon on the Forms tab (located in the documentation panel on the left). 

  • Use the drop-downs to find forms attached to Portfolio or Learning Plans and then select your form.
  • Select the magnifying glass icon from the Forms tab to Edit existing forms attached to a student.