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Teacher Dashboards

Teachers have a new way to view information in the TEKScore application as a Dashboard. Within a single screen, teachers can see scored tests, a […]

State Assessment: State Indicator Reports for Indexes 1, 2, 3 and 4

The state indicator reports are available in State Assessment & Demographics for 2015-16. To generate the reports, select State from the indicators section on the […]

DMAC Users with iNSIGHT20 and iNSIGHT30 Scanners

Scantron has made the decision to not develop the necessary drivers for Windows 10 that would interface with their iNSIGHT 20 and iNSIGHT 30 scanners. […]

Discontinued Scantron Forms

NOTICE: Starting in 2017-18, schools will no longer be able to use the following discontinued Scantron forms: TAKS Alternating (Form #250140) TAKS Non-alternating (Form #250138) […]