Teacher Dashboards

Teachers have a new way to view information in the TEKScore application as a Dashboard. Within a single screen, teachers can see scored tests, a TEKS Performance map and can set up their favorite reports with the new One-Click Report feature.


Scored Tests:


  • Click on test name to see a summary of student’s scores
  • Access the test document and Student Portfolio
  • Sort by Name, Score and Class


  • Take a quick look at the TEKS tied to the teacher’s classes
  • Click on the name of the course to narrow down to the TEKS and then further filter to the Student Expectations (SEs) tied to the test
  • Hover over the name to see a break down of each course, TEKS and SE
  • The percentage correct is color coded High (green) to Low (red)


  • Select and customize your favorite reports
  • Each teacher login has the ability to select and customize their most used or favorite reports
  • Select multiple reports to enable printing them as a “packet” when you click View Reports under Scored Tests