DMAC Users with iNSIGHT20 and iNSIGHT30 Scanners

Scantron has made the decision to not develop the necessary drivers for Windows 10 that would interface with their iNSIGHT 20 and iNSIGHT 30 scanners.

This will impact DMAC Users who use the iNSIGHT 20 and iNSIGHT 30 scanners for scanning local assessments in TEKScore. Schools will not be able scan and score in TEKScore using these scanner models IF they have a PC running Windows 10.

Alternatively, schools can continue to use the iNSIGHT 20 and 30 only if you keep the PC connected to the scanners running Windows 7.

Scantron will support Windows 10 on the following models: iNSIGHT20 Plus, OpScan 4ES, OpScan 6 and OpScan 8.

Please note that you also have the option of using Plain Paper scanning or the online Student Response System in TEKScore as another alternative to using Scantron forms. These options are included with TEKScore at no additional cost.

Please contact the DMAC Helpdesk at 1.866.988.6777 if you have any questions.