Important Notice for all Schools with Scantron Scanners

Effective May 1, 2022, the online scanning feature for Scantron scanners will be disabled.  This change is necessary because Microsoft is discontinuing the use of Internet Explorer in the summer of 2022.

Schools who utilize the OMR online scanning feature with Scantron scanners will be able to continue using their Scantron forms and equipment.

Online Scanning | DMAC Solutions

Available Alternatives

  • Online Testing – Skip the printer, scanners and copiers altogether by allowing students to enter their answers online. Teachers can monitor student progress in real-time and the instant a student clicks the score button, you have access to their reports.
  • Plain Paper Assessments –  If you would still like to capture assessment data on paper, the plain paper option is a great resouce that allows you to print answer documents and upload students’ results into DMAC. This can work with many inexpensive scanners or even copiers that you may already have access to. The DMAC Help Desk is here if you have any questions about how to transition from using Scantron forms to the plain paper option.
  • Manual Data Entry – Especially for younger students and grade levels, the manual data entry option in DMAC is a very quick and easy way to get data into the system. From the Responses > Manual section of TEKScore, first locate your test and class. Then within seconds, you can enter answers and score tests giving you instant access to reports like an Item Analysis or SE Tutorial.

We are Here to Help!

Contact the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777 or if you have any questions.