Individual Student Portfolios

Student Portfolio has a new look! In an effort to make Student Portfolio even more efficient, the layout for individual portfolios has changed.

  • Use the tabs along the left of a Student’s Portfolio to view the different areas (i.e., Charts, Profile, Data, Plans, Supports, Notes, Files, Forms and Audit).
  • Select the STAAR and Local tabs to show assessment data for a student on the Chart section.



  • Ability to view All Semesters.  


  • Select the tabs across the top to view state, local and national data. 


  • Select the tabs across the top to view state, local and national data. 


  • Check Online Testing Supports by subject. Click Save and Refresh to record changes and view the latest selections.


  • Use the drop-down to view notes tied to the Portfolio or individual plans.
  • Check the paper icon to Print All, Print None or print individual notes.
  • Select Add New on the top right to create new notes.
  • Click Edit to make changes to a note. The Delete function is based on your user role or if you created the note.


  • Attach .pdf files to individual students.
  • Select the drop-down to view files attached to their Portfolio or individual Plans.
  • Click Add New to add new files.
  • Check Print All, Print None or choose to include individual files on printed documentation.
  • Select the Edit icon to change the name of a file.


  • The Forms section is integrated with DMAC’s FormWorks application.
  • Schools who purchase FormWorks can create custom online forms that can be filled out for individual students attached to their Portfolio or individual plans.
  • Select Add New to attach a form. Use the drop-down to locate a form. It’s important that when creating forms in FormWorks that the authors link forms to Student Portfolio for them to be accessible in this section.
  • Forms can have approval paths, can be stand alone or created as running records that can be edited over time.


  • The Audit section records a history of all actions taken on a Student’s Portfolio.
  • Use the drop-downs or column headers to sort.

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Please contact the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777 or if you have any questions.


Student Portfolio User Manual > Click Here