FREE! Virtual Trainings

TAG Workshops:

Learn how to utilize the TAG test item bank to build formative assessments online. All TAG items are aligned to state standards for grades K-12. New features include the ability to format and print your tests directly within the TAG applications; build your test in accordance with your curriculum blueprint; and filter or sort items by SEs, keywords from standards or passage titles.
Two training options:

TEKScore Workshops:

Explore the assessment process in DMAC’s TEKScore application. In Part 1, users will design a testkey aligned to the standards, adjust item scoring, and take advantage of multiple options for administering the test (i.e., Scantron, plain paper scanning, online student response, and manual data entry).

In Part 2, users will explore data-driven reflection of assessment results using a variety of reports. Participants will also discover the functionality of the TEKScore Dashboards.